Idea Dialer Tones

Idea Dialer Tones

Dialer Tones

Idea subscribers are allowed by idea dialer tones to select songs/tones of their wish which are listened by those who call them. This service is called service based on subscription. Songs/tones can be chosen by dialing Idea’s current quote “Idea Portal Voice”, quote idea cellular dialer tones, and 55456. After that a songs menu would be offered and song/tone of their wish can be selected by the subscribers.

Product Concept

Idea subscribers get enabled by idea dialer tones solution for enabling those who call him, listen to subscribers’ favorite tone/song whenever they call them. Only those subscribers of Idea mobile can avail this service who register with this service; thus, the dialers to any such mobile phone with idea dialer tones subscription service gets able to listen to tone/song instead of conventional tring tring ring.

The solution of idea cellular dialer tones can be narrated in short which is mentioned below:

  • Call is made by party A to party B
  • The subscriber of service of idea cellular dialer tones is party B
  • Ring tones can be configured by party B that can be heard by party A when the caller is making a call
  • For official calls, party B may choose song/tone quote “Tone 1” and for private calls, party may choose quote “Tone 2” and onwards

The platform of idea cellular dialer tones plays the tone/song to caller (party A) rather than conventional tone of ring.

For example, rather than listening to conventional ring tone, party A would listen to song/tone say Dabang from movie Dabang.

Tones/songs played may be any famous tone or song for unlimited caller number with options ranging from international to bollywood hits, pure instrumental to wacky music, and further more. The best part is that subscribers may record voice of their own and put it to play for those who call them.

There are Several Options to Choose from By Subscribers

  • Subscribers may either customize a song or tone for different callers or they may set single common tone or song for all
  • It is also possible select a group and same tone or song can be played for any caller out of set group
  • There are various tones/songs in each category to select from. Subscribers may even record voice of their own or shuffle their song/tone

Deactivation of Idea Cellular Dialer Tones

Short code of toll free voice is 56765 which can be dialed for deactivating the service. When a subscriber’s call lands at voice portal, subscriber is informed initially regarding the remaining number of days prior to next renewal; if subscriber still insists for the deactivation of service then he would be offered below narrated schemes:

  • Selection of free song
  • Rental option of Rs. 1 per day
  • Validity of three months on dialer tone of Rs 75
  • Shuffle free 1 static


At any time, 56765 can be dialed by prepaid subscribers for deactivation but retention offer can be availed once in life. Same 56765 can be dialed by postpaid subscribers for idea dialer tones deactivation but they cannot avail retention offers that are present in “How to deactivate idea dialer tones” portal.

  • Dial number 56765
  • Press 1 for deactivation
  • Press 2 for retention offers

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